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What is the role of smart lock in smart home

2019-10-11 17:30:35

What is the role of smart lock in smart home?


Everyone knows that smart locks are now an important part of smart homes. Lock is an important part of home security. Its main responsibility has always been to protect family property from loss, family members are not threatened by dangerous factors, and we guard the door. As the hardware component of the first step of smart home, smart door lock has a wide application space, which can lay the foundation for the home of smart home.

Smart door locks can really bring convenience to users? The answer is undoubted! When the smart door lock is connected with the smart home system, plus the application of intelligent security system, its intelligent experience is undoubtedly more powerful. Not only can we open the door via a smartphone or smart watch, but we can also remotely control it and open the door for family visitors. The intelligent door lock can also link the entire smart home system. After the unlock command is synchronized to the system, the lights are automatically activated, the smart curtains are automatically turned on, and the smart air conditioner is automatically turned on, allowing the consumer to experience a smarter life.

With the heat of smart door locks, the concept of “full house intelligence” has gradually become popular in the field of home furnishings. The smart home system is an integrated home solution that integrates intelligent lighting, security, audio and video, and home appliance control. “Full House Intelligence” realizes the intelligent operation of household products, which can be automated according to the environment and people's needs. In this system, not only individual home products can realize intelligent operation, but also smart items can be connected to each other, thereby bringing more intelligent and personalized home scenes to people. However, in order to truly move towards the "whole house intelligence" era, it is still necessary to cross a series of technical thresholds.

Nowadays, the smart door lock industry has a good development trend, but its convenience and safety are the relationship between spear and shield. Although the two are aimed at each other, they can also promote each other's progress: fear that the spear will penetrate the shield. Only by thickening the shield and using other tools to shield the shield, can the shield be protected from damage.


For the "sound" questioning the security risks of smart door locks, Xiao Bian feels that intelligent locks are safer than ordinary locks in their respective positions. As long as the manufacturer is doing the security work at the source, the relevant departments will consider how to improve the security of the commercial system and smart devices, assuming that these risks exist objectively and are often uncontrollable, thus providing the general public with controllable risks and convenience. Fast life experience.

The vigorous development of the smart home industry has brought better development opportunities for smart door locks. At present, smart door locks have been applied in many commercial scenarios, such as hotels, office buildings, apartments, etc., and the market education process has been completed. The domestic smart door lock industry has matured over the past 20 years. With the improvement of the smart home system, smart door locks will enter more ordinary consumers in the future with its security and convenience.

Smart door locks have a very broad potential market, but at the beginning of the industry, they are limited by technical bottlenecks and market bottlenecks. It is difficult to form just-needed demand and hinder the development of the industry to some extent. From the perspective of the development of the industry, technology research and development in any field needs to be repeatedly investigated and practiced over a long period of time. With the continuous growth of the smart door lock market, the smart door lock industry will gradually mature under the competition of the Internet, home appliances, electronics, security and other giants.

From the development of smart door locks, from single locks to network locks to smart locks, door locks are no longer a simple care function through the Internet, and will be given more roles in the era of Internet of Everything. The change of the intelligent door lock industry can be seen as the epitome of the development of smart home. With the popularization of smart door locks and the further development of technology, smart door locks will usher in a new era of smarter and more sophisticated.