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The fingerprint access control machine is an intelligent management system that installs a fingerprint access control machine at the entrance and exit, and implements release, rejection, recording and other operations for personnel access and exit through fingerprint verification. As a gate access control, intelligent building system, high security entrance and exit management, etc. The purpose of safe access control is to effectively control the entry and exit of personnel, and to record the details of all incoming and outgoing, to achieve safe management of the entrance and exit. The fingerprint access control machine uses the biometric fingerprint of the human body for identity security identification, and has the characteristics of irreplaceable, non-replicable and unique. The fingerprint access control replaces the traditional key with a finger. When you use it, you can simply put your finger on the collection window of the fingerprint collector to complete the unlocking task. The operation is very simple and avoids other access control systems (traditional mechanical lock, password lock, Identification cards, etc.) may be falsified, stolen, forgotten, and deciphered.

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