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If you choose the smart door lock

2019-05-24 10:24:59

The function that chooses a lock, want to satisfy oneself need on the one hand, also be in on the other hand the quality that chooses a lock. A good enterprise will often have no less than 5 types of high, medium and low fingerprint lock for users to choose. The user can choose to use his product from meeting commonly: have those who use at entering a door, cent is metallic door and wooden door, have user interior door, common arrive wooden door, also use at villa gate wood to wait a moment.

The basic skills commonly used can be:

1) can be used for multiple people fingerprint door (a home or office is often more than one or two people), product quality to be stable, good performance;

2) the door can be opened by permission (it is impossible for the householder to have the same permission to open the door as the nanny and cleaner);

3), can be free to increase or decrease the door fingerprint (nanny left can be convenient to remove her fingerprint);

4) it is better to have the function of inquiry record (you can check the record of knocking at any time, sometimes it can become the key evidence, generally with the display screen);


5) appropriate with some password function (after all, the fingerprint part is the electronic part may have bad, temporary circumstances, the householder can use the password to open the door), in the choice of time try not to choose too prominent password function of the product, after all, password is not as safe as the fingerprint. There are usually four and twelve bonds. Daily life as far as possible do not use the password to open the door, can effectively avoid being stolen;

6) Mechanical keys must be provided. This is a backup way to open the door. Any electronic part has the possibility of error, relatively speaking, the mechanical part is more stable, keep the mechanical key of the lock as a spare way to open the door at home, can open the door in time when the electronic part of the lock is out of order and convenient maintenance.

7) choose a good lock core. Mechanical key lock core is directly related to your door pry and stability. This part is also very important, fingerprint lock again, the final is inseparable from the lock core.

8) other fancy features are best left alone. Basically all not practical, more a function more a kind of bad possibility.

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