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The structure of the smart lock - an introduction to the smart lock

2019-08-21 17:04:37

The structure of the smart lock - an introduction to the smart lock

Smart lock refers to the difference between traditional mechanical locks, but also based on the traditional lock structure, combined with biometric technology, has a higher level of technology and intelligent locks. A lock that is more intelligent in terms of user identification, security, and management, and an execution component that locks the door in the access control system. Different from traditional mechanical locks, smart locks are composite locks with safety, convenience and advanced technology. The use of non-mechanical keys as a mature technology for user identification ID, such as: fingerprint lock, iris recognition access control (biometric type, high security, no loss of damage; but inconvenient to configure, high cost), magnetic card, RF card (non-contact Class, high security, plastic material, easy to carry and low price, TM card (contact type, high security, stainless steel material, easy to carry and low price).

The structure of the smart lock consists of mechanical ferrules, electronic motherboards, fingerprint collectors and other components. The cooperation between these components gives the smart door lock more intelligence.

1, panel

The materials used in the smart lock panel on the market are: zinc alloy, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, plastic and so on.

2, lock body

The material of the lock body is mainly stainless steel, but it is also iron. The lock body is mainly divided into two types: a standard conventional lock body and a non-standard lock body.

3, the control board

The circuit board is the core of the smart lock, and the quality of the circuit board will affect the performance of the smart lock.

4, the motor

The motor is a motor powered by a smart lock that consumes very little power. When you use a password or a card or fingerprint to unlock it, you will hear the sound of the motor turning.

5, the handle

The handle has two kinds of long handles and round handles, and different smart lock handles can be purchased according to different needs.

6, decorative circle

Not all smart locks are equipped with decorative loops, and smart locks with decorative loops look even more expensive, but at a slightly higher cost.

7, the display

The display has a blue and white display, and the smart lock with the display is more intuitive and easy to operate, but not all smart locks are equipped with a display.

8, the keyboard

The keyboard of the smart lock usually uses the reflection of light to judge the input, and the keyboard light is mainly divided into two types: blue light and white light. Generally, the reflection of white light will be better than blue light, and the input will be more sensitive.

9, the fingerprint modular

The fingerprint modular of the smart lock is mainly divided into two types, an optical fingerprint head and a semiconductor fingerprint head. In general, the price of a semiconductor fingerprint head will be higher than that of an optical fingerprint head, but some optical fingerprint heads with a large number of identification points will be more expensive than a low-end semiconductor fingerprint sensor.

10, lock cylinder

The lock cylinder is an important factor in judging the price of a smart lock. Because the safety level of different levels of lock cylinder is different, the use of the smart lock of the super C lock core will be more secure in preventing technical mechanical unlocking.

11, battery slot

At present, the mainstream smart lock battery slot is 4 batteries and 8 batteries.

12, anti-lock knob

The anti-lock knob is basically configured for all home smart locks.

13, the slide cover

The smart lock is divided into two types: a slide cover and a slide cover (straight plate). The smart lock with a slide cover can effectively protect the intelligent operation of the smart lock, such as the keyboard, the fingerprint head and the display screen. The occasion needs to choose.

14, Bluetooth module

This is the smart lock IoT part, some modules of the smart lock, coupled with the WiFi magic box, can achieve the intelligent lock of the Internet of Things (it is also the most popular remote unlocking in recent years, online information push, online viewing unlock record). The smart lock uses different communication protocols, and the IoT part used inside the smart lock will be different.